Why Women Love Full Loads (On Her Face!)

girl-1335670_640When it comes to sex, we all pretend that size isn’t important, but of course it is. “It’s not the motion of the ocean it’s the size of the boat” they say. But how about the size of the load? Does it matter? Does anyone even notice?

It would seem that they do. A quick glance at online forums will show a multitude of questions about how much women like. As with size the general consensus is that the fuller the load, the more enjoyable the experience. On a basic level, the more a man can shoot a big load, the more virile he is! Our inner cave-woman tells us the more testosterone, the stronger the man and the more able to take care of us. The online forums are full of tips on how to ejaculate more and longer (maca and lecithin are oft mentioned it seems!) and the holy grail of ejaculation is hitting the ceiling during ejaculation. Shooting a full load is, it seems an extension of masculinity, something for men to aspire to and women to enjoy. There is even a website called “biggerloads.com” which, well you can probably guess what that’s about!

But for many women, it is much more than this. Many describe enjoying the feeling, and bonding more during this moment. On a purely physical level, we all believe that a huge amount of semen equals great sex, and that the man has to enjoy it more if he produces more semen. This in turn increases the woman’s enjoyment of the experience, many saying that they feel much more enjoyment from the sensation. The strength and length is often the focus of adult films, and for many women is also visually satisfying. Many women have fetishes about how much the guy can shoot, and compare with their friends for the strength and length. They would deny this if asked though! Women associate huge loads with their own attractiveness, and ability in the bedroom to make the man feel great and produce more.

So, visually, the more the better. When it comes to normal sex the same applies. But when it comes to swallowing, things turn about very quickly. Although some women enjoy swallowing large amounts, for many the gag reflex comes into play, and they find the act of swallowing large amounts very difficult, especially if it has a strong taste. Women seem to be divided 50/50 on this subject, for some swallowing is an extension of the sex act, and a sign of lust and love. For others, the urge to spit wins all the time, and no amount of love can take the bad taste away. As with anything, everyone is different and enjoys different things, and the spit vs swallow debate is an entirely personal thing. Of course, the cleaning up isn’t so much fun, but that’s the point, isn’t it? We want great, explosive, mind blowing sex to take our minds off the mundane boring stuff that takes up most of the days. Anyway, I’m off to encourage my boyfriend to do his Kegel exercises. He’s not quite reaching the ceiling yet…

The Importance of a Big Penis to Build Confidence

beautiful-1274345_640There is a long running joke that the self-esteem of a male is based on the Three B’s: Brains, Body, Balls. As much as this might be too simplistic to be the absolute truth, and no scientist would ever agree with that, you cannot say it is ridiculously off the mark. As a man, I know what men prioritize (not all men, but most men). And let’s be honest too, women talk about it too. Anyone who says that the size if the member makes no difference in terms of self-confidence just doesn’t have a member small enough.

Men are constantly pressured by society, pop icons or poster boys to get bigger in size. But not just that. This desire also comes with age. Once you are in an adult relationship, you want to feel assured that your partner is enjoying the whole of you. A larger member makes you feel like you girl is getting some extra pleasure in the bedroom.

How important is size from a woman’s perspective?

Unlike in the past, there is more access to information in today’s world. This means that even if a woman is still a virgin, she has seen enough different sizes on the internet. A woman already knows what she is going for even before she has seen it. Some of the arguments women have about a size include:

(1)The size of a man’s member determines his attractiveness.

A tall, well-built man with a small member is deemed less attractive than a shorter one with a bigger size. Most women argue that a sizeable member complements a man’s good body and good looks.

(2)Size actually determines sexual compatibility.

Most women argue the size of their partner’s manhood determines their sexual compatibility. While most might say that the bigger the better, some say that longer sizes make them not enjoy sex.

Reasons for preference of above average size:

(1)Most women who like it bigger actually experience vaginal orgasm. They need a bigger size for maximum vaginal stimulation so as to reach orgasm.

(2)Some women might want the above average size for sexual explorations. One night stands are an example.

(3)Men with above average size member are deemed more masculine.

The relationship between men and their manhood is a complicated affair in relation to their sense of power. At the root of a man’s self worth is how he feels the size of his “thing” and what he thinks of its ability to satisfy his partners.

There is no man who has not compared the size of his own to other men at the urinal or in the locker room, a sizing-up that led to either a prideful smile or a rueful sense of inadequacy. It is this shame that led to that famous catch phrase, “I’m not a shower, I’m a grower”! It is after a man deals with these size issues that he starts having sex without the risk of a panic attack. Of course the matter of sexual performance will still nag at him. Can he be able to sustain his erection? Let’s be honest. Almost every man has been embarrassed when his penis stayed limp and refused to cooperate at some point during sex.

The size debate has gone as far as the Republican Contest between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. Trump responded to Rubio mocking the size of his hands saying there was no problem with the size of his hands “or anything else”!